Combining parenting, adventure and outdoor education with Erich Leidums from That Mountain Life | S2E13

September 15, 2022

Combining parenting, adventure and outdoor education with Erich Leidums from That Mountain Life | S2E13
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A conversation all about risk, play and reward. Celebrating effort as well as outcome, learning through experience and adventure, and building confidence and resilience over time to ride out the inevitable bumps along the way. Showing up in the world, building a fulfilling and integrated lifestyle that aligns with your values, and freeing yourself from the need for external validation.

Key Topics:

  • Avoiding the rat race and living the mountain lifestyle in the small town of Fernie in British Columbia, Canada
  • Becoming a full-time content creator, documenting Erich's kids' adventures with That Mountain Life
  • The 'don't bubble-wrap your kids' philosophy – examples and reactions
  • Building confidence and emotional resilience through outdoor education
  • Unschooling and escaping the need for external validation

Detours and Tangents:

  • Being an unplanned dad
  • The business mechanics of being a full-time content creator
  • Why playing poker is a form of meditation
  • The one book Erich read in high school that forever changed his life

About the Guest:  Erich Leidums is the content creator behind That Mountain Life [] who documents his family’s outdoor adventures and parenting journey in a small mountain town in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. Erich has put in thousands of hours to create content for That Mountain Life making videos on YouTube and Instagram that at first, no one was watching. After 3.5 years he is now a full time content creator and social media influencer navigating the world of digital marketing with over 850,000 followers across all platforms. His videos fall into the categories of outdoor adventure, family, conscious parenting, homeschooling, risky play and small town mountain lifestyle among others. Erich has always been interested in the entrepreneurial journey and didn’t expect or set out to be where he is today.

Recorded 3 August 2022


About the Host: Despite never letting school interfere with his education, Danu has nevertheless acquired two social science degrees and an executive MBA. He toils at the intersection of education, technology and society and has worked at various times in teaching, research, project management, business development and customer service. He has so many interests that he has started to outsource them, and his life plan is rapidly running out of alphabet. He is the Founder of Grokkist. [Danu's LinkedIn:]

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