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Conscious, creative and caring virtual learning with Seth Fleischauer | S2E10

June 21, 2022

Conscious, creative and caring virtual learning with Seth Fleischauer | S2E10
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In this episode: Preparing learners with future-ready skills in digital citizenship, world culture and social and emotional learning. What Seth's daughter's experience of homeschooling during the pandemic reveals about education. Becoming an educator entrepreneur, via teaching in progressive education and a high-needs public school. Virtual field trips and designing creating and caring online education spaces. Reform vs revolution in the future of education. Navigating privilege. Being a real-life meme (Sad Mets Fan). 

About the Guest:  Seth's work is at the intersection of technology, language, culture and social and emotional learning. By connecting students to people & places to whom they would never otherwise have access, Seth believes that live video conferencing is an underutilized force of positive, revolutionary change in education. Creating positive change in education is Seth's ikigai, his reason for being. 

President & founder at Banyan Global Learning; expert in video conferencing, international teaching, SEL & K-12 online education. Seth will forever lean on his experience as a public elementary school teacher to create authentic and meaningful educational experiences.

Recorded 10 May 2022


About the Host: Despite never letting school interfere with his education, Danu has nevertheless acquired two social science degrees and an executive MBA. He toils at the intersection of education, technology and society and has worked at various times in teaching, research, project management, business development and customer service. He has so many interests that he has started to outsource them, and his life plan is rapidly running out of alphabet. He is the Founder of Grokkist. [Danu's LinkedIn:]

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